Customer Service

  • Shipping & Delivery

    We deliver ground only to all major Canadian cities and we can also deliver orders to the United States (US). We primarily use UPS and Canada Post . In some cases a manufacturer/distribution partner will use an approved carrier outside of Canada Post (mostly Purolator, DHL and Canpar.)

    Generally, you can expect your order to be delivered within one week, but it can take up to three weeks from when you place your order to when it arrives . Processing times, carrier delivery times, and most importantly, delays at customs, can slow down the shipment of your part.

  • Privacy & Security

    On the E-Checkout Page, you will see the buttons or checkboxes for PayPal . Click on or check the PayPal option, and you will be prompted to sign into your account . If you don't have an existing account with PayPal, you will have to register with these services before completing the checkout process .

  • Returns & Replacements

    We try very hard to ship your order as soon as possible, and we exhaust all means possible to get them from the closest warehouses . As a result, there may be cases where we have to ship the parts from multiple locations . So if some of your parts were shipped from a closer facility while the other parts were shipped from a facility located further away, this is why you only received some of the parts . If the parts were shipped from multiple locations, we send the separate tracking numbers to you in order for you to monitor the status of your products .

    • On time delivery.
    • 1 year factory parts only warranty on any electronic items.
    • Guaranteed lowest price in Canadian market
  • Ordering

    Sorry, at this point we do not offer expedited shipping options . We are working on developing these capabilities . Delays associated with credit verification, product type (particularly made to order products ) and the region with which the products are being shipped all can delay shipment of your part . We are working on solutions that will isolate the shipments that can have delays and only offer expedited shipping to customers when we know we can deliver on the promise . But until we have achieved this, we simply cannot make a promise to our customers when 10% to 20% of the time we would fail to deliver on our promise .

  • Payment, Pricing & Promotions

    We make every effort to ship all products in a single shipment . If, for any reason, we cannot ship one or more items, we will ship the parts that are available and credit your account accordingly . If a small item (e .g . corner lights, mirrors etc . ) from a large order (e .g . orders with hoods, bumpers or whole front end kits ) cannot be shipped, credit may only be for the part without an adjustment in shipping and you will be charged the required shipping costs . This is because shipping charges are based on the dimensions of the box . .

  • Viewing Orders

    Usually it takes 24 hours for the carrier to update the tracking information after your part was shipped . Also, with some of our shipments (depending on the warehouse ) we use a special freight program to ship the products in bulk across the border and then it becomes a domestic shipment within Canada . As a result, it can take several days while the bulk shipment (which includes your package ) clears customs and becomes an individual shipment within Canada and on its way to you . As a result, these shipments take a little longer to display the status at the carrier website as it will only show once it has crossed the border and become a domestic shipment within Canada. However, if it has been longer than 4 business days, there is a possibility that the carrier can 't find your exact location . Please contact us to verify the shipping address that we have on file . This way, we will be able to communicate detailed information to the carrier .

  • Updating Account Information

    Please update your information by logging in our contact list.